Hello, I’m Caoimhe. I write code. I’ve made ecommerce sites, VR projects and web apps.


Tabula Rasa replicates an ecommerce platform for art prints

React, Redux, Express, Sequelize, Google OAuth

Articulate 360 is a VR gallery of works of art that were brought to life through animation

React 360, Gimp and plenty of math

Music Mapper is a data visualization project that displays insights about a user's musical taste

Spotify OAuth 2.0, Request, Spotify API, Musixmatch API, D3.js, React, Redux, Express, Express Sessions


I like tech, art and their intersection.

Currently, I work as a developer for a software consultancy in Toronto, helping clients bring their digital products to life.

Before that, I worked as an online editor, which is when I started learning HTML and CSS to update the website for my small editorial team. I like solving problems and making things beautiful—and get to combine both of these pursuits every day in my work doing web and app development.